Hookah Instruction

1. Fill half of the hookah glass with water. The lower part of the stem, the so-called immersion pipe, should be immersed in water about 3cm deep.
Wasser einfüllen
2. Insert the stem into the glass so that both parts are firmly connected together (with some water pipes, you may need to turn the pipe into the glass).
Shisha Rauchsäule
3. Now place the ash plate on top of the stem.
Aschenteller Shisha
4. Insert the shisha hose into the slot above the glass.
Shisha Schlauch
5. Fill the tobacco bowl with shisha tobacco. Be careful to only insert the tobacco loosely and only with small pieces. The tobacco head should be filled to approximately ¾.
Wasserpfeifen Tabakkopf
6. Now place the aluminium filter or the aluminium foil atop the tobacco head. When using an aluminium filter, you should bow down the small metal legs; when using aluminium foil, don't forget to punch holes, which is best done with a toothpick or a needle.
7. It is easiest to use self-igniting coal. Take the tongs and pick up a piece of self-igniting coal; then light the coal with a lighter.

TIP: When using natural coal (e.g. Cocobrico), the use of a coal lighter (electric or with gas) is recommended.
Natur-Kohle Cocobrico
8. The coal should be completely aglow before it is put onto the aluminium filter/aluminium foil.
Shisha Kohle durchgeglüht
9. The wind shield should be used outdoors as well as indoors in order to prevent flying sparks or fast loss of heat.
10. The pipe is ready to be used only when the coal is fully glowing. It is recommended to repeatedly pull in short intervals at first, until smoke has formed.
Anrauchen Wasserpfeife
11. The air vent serves to exchange the air in the glass. You only need to softly blow into the hose to release the air from the vent.